Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tips to treat menstrual pain

Fairly simple manner effective to treat pain during menstruation is a herb medicinal plants. One way is to use a concoction of coconut. The trick is, take a large glass of coconut milk, palm sugar and enter as a sweetener, and stir until evenly distributed. This potion to be drunk 3 times a day before the menstrual period. This natural remedy has the effect of preventing the occurrence of cramping or abdominal pain during menstruation. Also, do regular exercise as well, because the exercise may accelerate the course of the menstrual cycle.

Besides these ways, treatment of menstrual pain can also be done by making a potion from the leaves of Marsh fleabane. The trick is, Marsh fleabane leaves boiled until cooked. Then drain. The next step is to mix the leaves of the Marsh fleabane with acid and salt. Then mashed until smooth. After it was brewed with a glass of hot water and then filtered. The water brewing results are taken 2 times each day to reduce menstrual pain.

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