Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tips on how to treat back pain

Pain in the waist belt occurs when we feel numb, hard to move, and there is also pain in the waist. The first treatment should be done at the time of back pain is to do a gentle streching and strengthening abdominal muscles. It is also a shower with warm water and cold water compresses on the muscles become inflamed. Compression is performed for approximately 20 minutes, until reddish skin. How to care like this can help to flex muscles waist. If the muscles become supple waist, pain in lower back pain can be reduced, and can gradually recover if routine treatment performed.

In addition, regular exercise is also helpful to cure back pain. Do sports such as cycling or swimming. Because this sport is considered the most effective way to cure back pain. Meanwhile, if the pain is acute, care or treatment that can be done is by massage. This is done with a gentle massage on the waist the sick by using creams or cure back pain.

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