Saturday, April 24, 2010

How to facilitate an irregular menstrual

This health problem is often experienced by women. Your own maybe ever confused with your menstrual cycle is irregular and not smooth. The effects of menstruation that are not current may cause the skin becomes dry, wrinkled skin, enlarged abdomen, faster look old, and also easier for the disease. The following health care tips that you should do in order to avoid menstrual irregularity and current.
  • Avoid foods that sweet tooth.
  • Consumption of foods rich in iron. Vegetables such as green, for example, spinach, kale etc.
  • Expand to consume soy products to expedite their period. Because soy is rich in phyto estrogens effective enough to facilitate menstruation. It also can help to restore skin firmness.
Good health tips above can help to expedite your menstruation.

Tips to avoid having a stroke

Stroke is a disease that can cause neurological disturbance in the brain work. This disease can cause paralysis in parts of the body. For example the hands, feet and so forth. To maintain the health of your body, so avoid the attack of stroke, do some of the following health tips fee that is effective and simple.

1st health tips
Drink one cup of tea on a regular basis as much as two times a day.

2nd Health tips
Star fruit also has the property to avoid a stroke. Eat the young star fruit in a way made juices without sugar. Drink juice of star fruit is as much as two times a day to prevent stroke

3rd health tips
Frequently chew and eat the peeled garlic. Then followed by drinking warm water. Health care is effective enough to avoid a stroke.

Tips pneumonia treatment

Pneumonia requiring special care methods, because the disease caused by a weak immune system it can endanger lives. To prevent and overcome them so that our bodies stay healthy is by eating the right set. And one of the most important thing is to consume food that is nutritious. In addition, we also need to arrange adequate rest time, so our bodies stay healthy and not catch pneumonia.

But if you are attacked by the disease pneumonia, you can perform the following treatments. To moisten the respiratory tract and liquefy phlegm if exposed to pneumonia, try inhaling steam in hot water pour into a large bucket and mixed with sufficient balm. With this kind of health care, pneumonia that attacked you could be mitigated.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Tips to treat night blindness

Patients experience night blindness inability to see clearly in the afternoon. Night blindness disease in general is a parent. Health tips of night blindness can be done by the following treatment.

Material required is 3 stalks of Moringa leaves, 1 cup of white water that is hot and 1 tablespoon of honey. Moringa leaves mashed until smooth. Then pour boiling water into the results of these collisions using hot water that had been prepared earlier. Mixed with honey in it and stir until evenly distributed. For the treatment of night blindness, drink this concoction once a day, every time before bed. Hopefully, your vision becomes more and improved health by consuming this concoction.

How to treat hair, so as not to dull and branching

Dull and branched hair often becomes health problems, especially for women. There are actually a relatively easy method of treatment for problem hair on this one. That is, with dispensing shampoo with natural ingredients.

The care tips is to prepare the 3 tablespoons flour, 45 ml water and 1 tablespoon lemon juice. Combine all ingredients in a bowl. Then stir until evenly distributed. The next step is to wet your hair using water. Then dab the mixture evenly into your scalp as she massaged. Do it for a few minutes, so that the ingredients are absorbed into the scalp. The final step is to rinse your hair with warm water. By treatment like this at least once every two weeks, could remove the hair dull and branching.

Tips on how to treat back pain

Pain in the waist belt occurs when we feel numb, hard to move, and there is also pain in the waist. The first treatment should be done at the time of back pain is to do a gentle streching and strengthening abdominal muscles. It is also a shower with warm water and cold water compresses on the muscles become inflamed. Compression is performed for approximately 20 minutes, until reddish skin. How to care like this can help to flex muscles waist. If the muscles become supple waist, pain in lower back pain can be reduced, and can gradually recover if routine treatment performed.

In addition, regular exercise is also helpful to cure back pain. Do sports such as cycling or swimming. Because this sport is considered the most effective way to cure back pain. Meanwhile, if the pain is acute, care or treatment that can be done is by massage. This is done with a gentle massage on the waist the sick by using creams or cure back pain.

Tips to treat menstrual pain

Fairly simple manner effective to treat pain during menstruation is a herb medicinal plants. One way is to use a concoction of coconut. The trick is, take a large glass of coconut milk, palm sugar and enter as a sweetener, and stir until evenly distributed. This potion to be drunk 3 times a day before the menstrual period. This natural remedy has the effect of preventing the occurrence of cramping or abdominal pain during menstruation. Also, do regular exercise as well, because the exercise may accelerate the course of the menstrual cycle.

Besides these ways, treatment of menstrual pain can also be done by making a potion from the leaves of Marsh fleabane. The trick is, Marsh fleabane leaves boiled until cooked. Then drain. The next step is to mix the leaves of the Marsh fleabane with acid and salt. Then mashed until smooth. After it was brewed with a glass of hot water and then filtered. The water brewing results are taken 2 times each day to reduce menstrual pain.